Chiaöl, chia oil

Chia oil

Quality: cold pressed, cold pressed bio, refined bio

INCI-name: Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed Extract

Origin: South America

Branches: Cosmetics, Foods


Even several thousand years ago the chia seeds were used by the Mayans and Aztecs as foodstuff. Chia seed oil is very healthy for the human body because it is composed of a high proportion of omega-3 (60%) and omega-6 fatty acids (26%) and only 9% of saturated fatty acids. In addition, Chia Oil contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements and produces a satisfaction effect.


Chia seed oil is used primarily as a dietary supplement in the health-conscious and dietary kitchen. It is a substitute for fish oil, for example for vegetarians and vegans. In the cosmetics industry, chia seed oil is used as an allergy and inflammation inhibitor and improves simultaneously the elasticity of the skin. Chia oil also has a blood thinning effect. In medicine, Chiaöl has been used as a remedy since the Maya and can be taken to keep the cardiovascular system healthy and to positively influence healing processes.