Grapeseed oil

Quality: cold pressed, refined

INCI-name: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

Origin: Spain, Italy

Branch: Cosmetics,  pharmaceutical, foods


Grapeseed oil is a high-quality vegetable oil, which is obtained by refining, hot or cold pressing the grape seeds. It tastes slightly nutty, is yellowish green, and the wine grape note still appears. The oil consists of about 88% of unsaturated fatty acids and has a very high content of linoleic acid (about 66%). In addition, the oil has a very high proportion of the natural vitamin E. With these properties grape seed oil is considered to be healthy and beneficial for the human body since it maintains, for example, the upper skin layers and regenerates them.

Utilization of grapeseed oil:

Grape seed oil is used as cooking oil, especially in the cold kitchen, for seasoning salads and sauces, as a refinement to cheese, fruit and bread or for pickling meat. It is considered a high-quality dietary oil and is used in the production of products for fitness nutrition. In cosmetics, it forms the basis for anti-aging products. Grape seed oil is also suitable for ointments, for skin care in general, as massage oil and as a natural lubricant.