Lallemantia oil, Drachenkopföl

Lallemantia oil

Quality: cold pressed native

INCI-name: Lallemantia iberica Oil

Origin: East Europe, Germany

Branches: Foods, Cosmetics


A rare gourmet oil is squeezed out of the Lallemantia, a native German plant of the family of the “Lamiaceae”. It has a pleasant nutty flavor, which is comparable to pumpkin seed oil. Lallemantia oil contains an exceptionally high proportion of 3-fold unsaturated fatty acids, with over 62% alpha-linolenic acid.


This oil is suitable as cooking oil, it is used in the cold kitchen and as a dietary food oil. It also forms a good base oil for special oil mixtures. In cosmetics, it is used as a skin function oil for every type of skin and can also be used for natural body care. The favorable relationship between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids leads to the regulation of blood pressure as well as for inflammatory reactions and strengthens the immune system.