Mariendistelöl, milk thistle oil

Milk thistle oil

INCI-name:  Silybum marianum seed oil

Origin: South Europe, south Russia, small Asia, north Africa

Branch: Pharmaceutical, Foods, Cosmetics


The milk thistle is a worldwide cultivated plant. From their seeds, a yellow oil is obtained by mechanical pressing and filtration, which is mild and buttery in the taste. The fruit of the Milk thistle oil has been used for centuries for the treatment of hepatic and bile diseases and is still present in medicine today. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in the Milk thistle oil is 58% omega-6-fatty acid and 21% omega-9-fatty acid.


The milk thistle oil is suitable as a foodstuff, for example as dip or salad dressing, but is mainly used in medicine. The oil supports healing of the fatty liver and liver damage, as well as of duodenal ulcers and the gall bladder. It has a positive effect on the regeneration and new formation of cells, which counteracts the development of cancer cells. The milk thistle oil is an aid against hepatitis symptoms and slight digestive problems. In addition, it has a strongly detoxifying effect mainly on alcohol or medication. In cosmetics the oil is used with its effective effect on dry and damaged hair and nails. The promotion of cell regeneration supports the connective tissue. It is used for skin care and wound treatment, as well as for the treatment of skin diseases.