Pistazienöl, Pistachio oil

Pistachio oil

Quality: roasted, cold pressed

INCI-name: Pistacia Vera Seed oil

Origin: Mediterranean sea

Branch: Foods, Cosmetics


Pistachio oil is obtained by pressing or by extracting the green pistachios. The oil is easy to digest for the stomach and contains a healthy ratio of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. As a base oil it is versatile when used for foods and in the cosmetics industry for the use.


Pistachio oil is used in the food industry with its almond, sweetish taste in confectionery production and sausage production. Mainly it can be used as cooking oil versatile in salad dressings, for example. The cosmetics industry uses the positive effect of pistachio oil on sensitive skin and processes the oil mainly in baby care products.