Pumpik seed oil, kürbiskernöl

Pumpkin seed oil

Quality: native conventional, styrian conventional,  bio native, bio styrian

INCI-name: Cucurbita Pepo Seed Oil

Origin: Austria, Germany

Branch: Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Cosmetics, Dietary supplements


For pumpkin seed oil, there are two production methods, each provides a slightly different oil. In the Styrian process, the oil pumpkin is roasted and salted before pressing, while in the native process the pumpkin kernels are merely pressed, without additives or roasting. Pumpkin seed oil consists of 40 to 50% of linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid), 30 to 50% of oleic acid and 10 to 20% of saturated fatty acids. For example, 100 ml of pumpkin seed oil contain more than 70 g of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to a high proportion of vitamin E and A, the oil contains high amounts of the trace element selenium, which is essential for the human body due to its oxidative and detoxifying effect.


In the kitchen, the nutty flavor is used for the refinement of salads, raw food or other cold dishes. However, valuable ingredients are lost during cooking. In health terms the oil supports the cardiovascular and the immune system. It has a beneficial effect on the blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol level. In cosmetics industry it uses the high vitamin content of pumpkin seed oil and protects the skin against drying out and wrinkles. In agriculture, the pumpkin seed oil is used as feed and fertilizer additive.