Rapskernöl, rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil

Quality: cold pressed, cold pressed bio, refined, refined bio

INCI-name: Brassica napus L.

Origin: Canada, Europe, mainly in Germany

Branch: Pharmaceutical, Foods, Industry , Cosmetics


Rapeseed oil is one of the most important oil plants in the world, which dominates oil production in Germany. It consists for the most part of oleic acid (68%) and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The particularly favorable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids makes the oil compatible for all skin types. In addition, rape oil contains a lot of vitamin E and carotenoids. These strengthen the immune system and have a soothing effect on the nervous system. These properties make rapeseed oil a popular and healthy oil in Germany.


In the past, rapeseed was used primarily as a food product. Today, rapeseed oil has a wide range of applications. In industry, rapeseed oil is predominantly applied in the technical field, for example as biodiesel, as a lubricant or as a filling material. It also forms the basic building block in the production of glycerol. In the cosmetics industry, rapeseed oil is used as a skin and massage oil, with a positive effect on the immune system. It also lowers or stabilizes blood fat levels and improves blood glucose. Pure and cold-pressed rapeseed oil is used as a base oil and a healthier substitute for sunflower oil in the kitchen. It is used for roasting and baking, is suitable with its nutty flavor but also as a dressing for salads and raw food.