sanddornfruchtfleischoel, sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Quality: bio


Origin: Origin Nepal, spread in east and west Asia, as well as in middle Europe

Branch: Cosmetics, Food


The oil is pressed from the orange berries of the sand-thorn shrub, from the family of the oatweed plants and has been used since ancient times in Tibet, Mongolia and Russia. Sanddorn fruit oil has a very high carotenoid content and therefore a bright orange-red color. Other features include a high vitamin C content and the properties that the oil does not dry and spreads on the skin itself.

Utilization of sea buckthorn oil:

Sanddornfruit oil has a cell-regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Therefore, it is widely used in the cosmetics industry, for example, in mixtures for facial care. It is also used for the production of cosmetics for the mature and damaged skin because it activates the new formation of cells as well as the high-level metabolic processes. It softens wrinkles, tightens the body and relaxes it.