sesamöl, sesame oil

Sesame oil

Quality: geröstet, kaltgepresst, kaltgepresst bio, raffiniert, raffiniert bio

INCI-name: Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil

Origin: Tropics and Subtropics:
Paraguay, India, Bolivia, Far east, Africa,  Mexico

Branch: Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Foods


Sesame oil has a very high health status and is therefore used in many ways for the physical well-being: Sesame oil has a long tradition as a massage oil and has a refreshing and detoxifying effect in the body. In addition to a long shelf life, it has vitamin B1, many minerals and trace elements and the essential fatty acid linoleic acid, which makes the oil a valuable energy supplier. It tastes rather neutral, but develops a strong nutty flavor when cooking.

Sesame oil utilization:

It is mainly used in Asian and Oriental cuisine for seasoning, cooking and baking. It is used in the cold kitchen in the form of cooking oil for salads and raw food. Due to the natural UV filter and the supply of moisture, sesame oil is used as a skin care product in moisture creams, body oils and sun protection agents and can also be found in fat-soluble active ingredients.