Walnut oil

Quality: roasted, cold pressed, refined, bio
INCI-name: Juglans Regia seed Oil
Origin: California, France
Branch: Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical


The Walnut oil is a characterized by its high quality and aroma. It is obtained from roasted or normal seeds from the walnut tree. Its high fat content comes 18% from monounsaturated fatty acids and 73% from polyunsaturated fatty acids and the rest from saturated fatty acids.

Walnut oil uses:

As a high quality, aromatic and healthy oil, the walnut oil is extremely used in the food industrie as a dish oil. Its commonly used for the refinement from dishes in salads, dips, soups, sauces and deserts. It is also used in health services, since it lowers the colesterol level, strengths the inmune system and improves the brain functions. The significant iodine content helps to relieve the thyroid diseases.
In cosmetics, the high fat content helps as a massage oil against dry and cracked skin. Furthermore it works as an antiseptic. In the industry the walnut oil is used for oil colors fabrication and wood care products.