Wheatgerm oil

Wheatgerm oil

Quality: cold pressed,  refined

INCI-name: Triticim Vulgare Germ Oil

Origin: China, India, USA, Rusia, Europe

Branch: Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Foods


Wheatgerm oil is obtained through the pressing of the germ from the wheat corn as a side product in the flour production. The special feature of the wheatgerm oil is its high content of vitamin E, since it contains an average of 250mg per 100g, which makes it the highest natural vitamin E content among oils. Besides this oil contains 53% of Linoleic acid content which makes it highly durable.


A big part of the available wheatgerm oil is utilized for enriching products with vitamin E. The high vitamin E content cares for the circulation and elasticity improvement of the skin, which makes it a highly attractive product in pharmaceutical and cosmetics areas. In the pharmaceutical area the oil is utilized for scars treatment mixed with different balsamics. In the cosmetics area it is an essential part of face and body creams, skin oils and face packages. The wheat germ oil can also be utilized for cooking.