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(organic) pea protein isolate

Description (organic) pea protein isolate:

The (organic) pea protein isolate is a purely vegetable, highly concentrated, gluten-free and low-allergenic protein. The protein is produced in a wet chemical isolation process and has an excellent nutrient and amino acid profile. The total protein content is about 80-85% and has got a high content of the semi-essential amino acid arginine and the essential amino acid lysine. They are particularly important for muscle building, immune defence, bone health and fat burning. The pea protein is ideal for vegan, vegetarian and sports nutrition. It is also recommended for older people who often suffer from muscle weakness. In addition, the protein is particularly rich in iron. Pea protein isolate is suitable as a substitute for whey protein. It is an interesting igredient in many different applications. For example, it works well for extrudates and texturates, in smoothies, shakes or meat substitutes.



organic, conventional



EU, China



food, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, meat substitutes, low carb products, convenience products



vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, low carb, vegetarian


Protein content:

ca. 80-85%


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