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(organic) coconut flour

Description (organic) coconut flour:

Coconuts grow on coconut palms. The palms thrive in tropical areas such as East Africa, the Caribbean, South America, India and the South Sea Islands, coconuts are one of the richest foods around because they contain all the essential nutrients. Thus, one could feed them on coconuts for a long time without any deficiency symptoms. The largest part of the coconut is the kernel meat, which is processed into fat, oil and coconut flakes. (Organic) coconut flour is the partially deoiled by-product of coconut oil production. The finely sifted powder has a protein content of about 17-20% and an aromatic fragrance.

Due to its aromatic taste, coconut flour is often used in the food sector, for example in baked goods, smoothies, fillings etc.



organic, conventional









vegan, gluten-free


Protein content:

approx. 17%


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