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Concerns about the environment and the negative impacts of contemporary lifestyles and globalization on natural resources have been acknowledged by consumers. They believe there is an association between sustainability and well-being. Environmental deterioration directly affects people’s wellness. It appears that a healthy environment is regarded as an essential component of overall health. Globally, there are 47% of consumers say that they will pay more attention to the sustainability claims of products. This behaviour exists as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic (FMCG Guru,2021). Consumers believe the product that is good for the planet is also good for themselves. Fifty-nine percent of the Germans agree with this statement. Additionally, customers are prepared to alter their diets in order to live more sustainably.

Examples include lowering or eliminating dairy and meat consumption, promoting local purchases, investigating the environmental sustainability of food products, and minimizing food waste. Our product portfolio could provide you with tailored solutions for this matter, given the great sustainable actions of our partners.