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Our partners

Together with our renowned partners, we are setting new standards in the provision of high-quality, plant-based ingredients. We are proud to work with companies that are committed to innovation and sustainability in the food industry. Discover the synergies and opportunities our partnerships offer.

Stefanie Strebel


Atura was founded to inspire and empower the food and beverage industry to sustainably meet the demand for a protein-rich, plant-based diet in a sustainable way. Today, Atura offers reliable access to new and diversified sources of plant-based proteins, manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and backed by validated nutritional and sensory insights and expert application support. Products we source from our partner Atura are:

Field bean protein (Isolate und concentrate), chickpea protein, red lentil protein, chickpea starch flour, red lentil starch flour, field bean starch flour

Stefanie Strebel


UpGrain strives to promote sustainable, healthy and circular food ecosystems by upcycling plant proteins and fibre from breweries’ spent grains.
by upcycling plant proteins and fibre from breweries’ spent grain.
Brewer’s spent grain is the largest by-product stream in our food industry, and thanks to UpGrain’s innovative
technology, the power of the circular economy can be harnessed and these by-streams can be upgraded to reduce resource consumption. This process protects the environment and allows for a healthy raw material that is rich in protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals.
In addition, UpGrain separates the proteins and dietary fibres to provide versatile raw materials for various applications in the food industry. Find out more about the sustainable ingredients of our partner UpGrain here: Barley Protein, Barley Fiber, Barley Flour