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(Organic) Barley Protein

Description (organic) barley protein:

(Organic) barley protein is produced from a side stream of beer production by a mechanical upcycling of barley brewers. It has a protein content of 45%. Barley protein has a low content of carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids with less than 5% each, but contains a high amount of dietary fiber with 24%. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Barley protein concentrate is an innovative, sustainable and regional product from DACH region.

The beige powder is ideal for the production of meat alternatives. Barley protein concentrate is also used for confectionery, bakery and pasta products, snacks and convenience products. It is also used for protein enrichment.



organic, conventional



Germany. Switzerland



food, dietary supplements, meat substitutes



particulary sustainable due to upcycling process


Protein content:

ca. 45%


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