Ackerbohnenprotein nativ, enzym-aktiv

field bean protein native

Description field bean protein native:

The field bean protein native is a plant-based, allergen-free protein of European origin. Another name for it is broad bean or fava bean protein. The protein is produced through mechanical concentration. The total protein content is about 65%. The antioxidants of the field bean slow down oxidative processes in the cells. Therefore they have an anticarcinogenic effect. The protein shows a balanced amino acid profile. Field bean protein is ideal for vegan, vegetarian and sports nutrition. We can offer the protein both enzyme-active (native) and enzyme-inactive (mild).

Legumes contain bitter and antinutritive substances. Due to the puerly mechanical production process, the native proteins contains them as well. Therefore this protein is mainly suitable for baked or cooked products.


organic, conventional



Industries/ applications:

Food, dietary supplements, meat replacement, bakery products, pasta, animal feed, pet food, milk alternatives


vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, low carb, vegetarian

Protein content:


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