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(organic) chickpea starch flour

Description (organic) chickpea starch flour:

Chickpea starch flour is a fine legume flour with a mild flavor and pale yellow color that is ideal for a range of sweet and savory applications, including baked goods, processed foods, soups and snacks. Gluten-free starch flour is an excellent source of protein, fiber and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, and is low in saturated fat. It has a creamy and mildly nutty flavor and imparts a slightly sweet, smooth taste to baked goods and is particularly good when used with dominant flavors. It has 19% protein content and a low glycemic index.

The good emulsifying properties and good moisture retention improve the stability of recipes, making the raw material ideal for baked goods, soups, ready meals and snacks.

We also offer a standard chickpea flour. You can find more about it here.



organic, conventional









vegan, kosher, halal, lactose-free


Starch content:

approx. 54%


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