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(organic) millet flour

Description (organic) millet flour:

Millet is one of the oldest foods in the world. Since the millet plant, a sweet grass, needs a lot of sun and dryness, it is mainly grown in Asia. (Organic) millet flour is made from hulled millet seeds. After the seeds are finely ground, a yellowish colored powder is obtained. It is rich in minerals such as iron, silicon, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Furthermore, it has a high proportion of high-quality carbohydrates with about 70-75%.

Millet flour is a true miracle food and beauty supplement due to its healthy mix of minerals and trace elements. While millet flour is processed into a rich porridge in many regions of Asia and Africa, in Europe it is mainly used as a feed, especially for feeding birds. As it is a gluten-free, easily digestible cereal substitute, millet flour is used in the production of baked goods and pasta. Due to positive effects on hair, nail and skin, it is also used in the cosmetics industry.



organic, conventional



EU, Asia



food, feed, cosmetics, industry



vegan, vegetarian


Protein content:

approx. 10%


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