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(organic) oat flour/wholemeal flour

Description (organic) oat flour/wholemeal flour:

(Organic) oat flour is made by grinding the hulled endosperm of the oat grains. It is a low-gluten flour and has a fine nutty flavor. It contains about 14% protein, over 60% carbohydrates, and about 5% fiber, which make it a healthy, digestive food. In addition, oatmeal is rich in zinc, iron, biotin and the B vitamins, which provide beautiful hair, healthy skin and strong nails.

The range of applications of oatmeal is wide. The nutty tasting product is a popular alternative to wheat flour and can easily be used as a substitute to other flours or mixed with them. In general, you can use the flour like any other for baked goods such as bread, rolls, cookies or cookies. It is also becoming increasingly popular in porridge or bowls.



organic, conventional






food, feed, industry



vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free


Protein content:

approx. 14%


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