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(organic) soy flour

Description (organic) soy flour:

(Organic) soy flour is a gluten-free flour obtained from the legume soybean in two different qualities. The full-fat (organic) flour consists of whole, ground soybeans with about 20% fat and about 40% protein. The by-product of soybean oil extraction is the soybean press cake, which is ground into partially deoiled soybean flour. This consists of only 8-10% fat and approx. 38% protein. Therefore, soy flour is considered a good source of protein with a very low carbohydrate content. The fat content is composed, among other things, of the polyunsaturated fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid, about 8%, and linoleic acid, with about 50%. Furthermore, soy flour is rich in natural vitamin E and the B vitamins.

The flour can be used in a variety of ways for baking and cooking, and its properties make it suitable as an emulsifier and stabilizer. It also extends the shelf life of animal fats, which is why it is often used in sweets. Its high lecithin content can partially replace eggs in certain recipes. Lecithins are approved in the EU as a food additive (E 322) for foodstuffs with maximum quantity restrictions only for baby food. They are also used as an active ingredient in medicine and cosmetics, and as a dietary supplement in dietetics. The product is also used to improve dough quality of cakes and other baked goods, and as a source of protein it is a popular meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians.



organic, conventional; full fat, partially deoiled



EU, Germany



food, feed



vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free


Protein content:

approx. 38-40%


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