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(organic) sunflower flour

Description (organic) sunflower flour:

(Organic) sunflower flour is the partially de-oiled by-product of the cold pressing of sunflower oil. If partially dehulled or unhulled sunflower seeds are used for this purpose, the by-product is flour. If dehulled seeds are used, the protein-rich sunflower protein is produced as a residue. Protein contents of up to 60% can be achieved by further purification. Sunflower flour, on the other hand, reaches protein contents of 24, 30 or 45% protein, depending on the processing.

Due to its dark color, the 24% flour is mainly used as a high-protein feed for animals. The flours with 30 or 45% protein content and a lighter color are also more commonly used in food products.



organic, conventional



Western and Eastern Europe



food, feed



vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free


Protein content:

approx. 24%, 30% or 45%


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