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(organic) dry yeast, inactive

Description (organic) dry yeast, inactive:

(Organic) yeast flakes and yeast powder (inactive dry yeast) can be obtained with both mild and strong flavor.
They have a high protein content and are widely used in spice blends and marinades, but also in the production of meat substitutes, delicatessen, snacks, sprinkling of salads, in animal feed mainly for flavor intensification, protein enrichment, emulsification, coloring and as a filler.

As a natural and healthy seasoning, these yeast products are also popular in vegan cheese alternatives due to their cheesy and tangy flavor. Inactive dry yeast is also rich in B vitamins.

Because conventional yeast products are allergen-free and vegan, many consumers can consume them without concern. Some yeast products can also be purchased in organic quality.



organic, conventional, as flakes or powder, mild or strong flavor






food, feed


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