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(organic) psyllium husk/flour

Description (organic) psyllium husk/flour:

(Organic) psyllium husk/flour consists of the ground husks of psyllium seeds from the plant Plantago ovata. Its ingredients make psyllium husk a particularly healthy product, although the body can hardly metabolize it. The flour consists of over 80% fiber, which is rich in swellable mucilage. These can bind 50 times the amount of water. Other ingredients of psyllium husk flour are about 2% carbohydrates, 3% protein and 0.5% fat.

Like psyllium seeds, psyllium husk flour is gluten-free and has excellent binding power. Due to its swelling properties and high fiber content, both the flour and the hulls themselves are suitable for low-carb cooking and dietary foods. Mixed with other flours, psyllium husk flour can be used for baking.



organic, conventional



India, Pakistan






vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free


Fiber content:

approx. 80%


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