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(organic) spelt bran/bran flour

Description (organic) spelt bran/bran flour:

(Organic) spelt bran consists of the rich residues of the husk and germ of the spelt grain, after sifting the flour. Currently, its popularity is steadily increasing as an alternative for wheat bran and with its nutty aroma. Spelt has husks, which act as a protective cover from negative environmental influences, which keeps the inside of the grain unpolluted. Spelt bran is very well tolerated because it contains a markedly high proportion of dietary fiber. These stimulate intestinal activity and metabolism and supply important minerals and trace elements to the body. It is available as coarser spelt bran or as finer spelt bran flour.

Spelt bran is becoming increasingly important in the food sector as a substitute for wheat bran. It is used in muesli or is used to refine baked goods and dairy products. As a feed, it is added to horse feed for compatibility.



organic, conventional



Germany, Switzerland, Belgium



food, feed



vegan, lactose-free


Fiber content:

approx. 40%


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