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(organic) wheat bran

Description (organic) wheat bran:

When wheat is processed, the hulls and sprouts remain after the flour is sifted. This mill by-product is called (organic) wheat bran. Wheat bran is very rich in dietary fiber, with a content of almost 50%. Dietary fiber is indigestible fiber that makes wheat bran so healthy and easy to digest. Other beneficial ingredients of bran are vitamins, iron and flavonoids. This group of secondary plant compounds has positive effects on human health. The product is available as coarser wheat bran or finer wheat bran flour.

Wheat bran is recommended for digestive problems and constipation due to its high content of dietary fiber, as the indigestible fibers in the swelling process with water stimulate digestive movements. In addition, dietary fiber binds toxins as they pass through the intestines. Wheat bran occurs as a food in bread or other baked goods or is used to enhance dishes such as cereals, semolina porridge or cottage cheese dishes. Wheat bran also serves as a high-fiber animal feed.



organic, conventional; also available as flour



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food, feed



vegan, vegetarian


Fiber content:

approx. 30-40%


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