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rye bran

Description rye bran:

Bran is the by-product of flour production. It consists of the remaining husks and the germ of the rye grain. Rye bran has a low inherent taste and is particularly well utilizable by humans. It is characterized above all by its high content of dietary fiber, which stimulates digestion and has a health-promoting effect on the stomach and intestines. The bran contains about 40% dietary fiber, about 20% protein and about 20% carbohydrates and fat.

In the food industry, the bran is mainly used as a food supplement, but it is also used to refine dishes, especially muesli and bread. Rye bran is also a high quality animal feed.



conventional; also as flour



Germany, Poland



food, feed



vegan, lactose-free


Fiber content:

approx. 45%


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