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pea protein concentrate mild

Description (organic) pea protein concentrate mild:

Pea protein concentrate mild is a purely plant-based and allergen-free protein. The raw material comes from the European Union. It is produced from the yellow peeled pea by a mechanical concentration process and has got an excellent nutrient and amino acid profile. The protein content is about 55%. It shows a high content of iron and the important amino acids arginine and lysine. Therefore the product is ideal for the nutrition of athletes, vegans and vegetarians. We can offer the protein both enzyme-active (native) and enzyme-inactive (mild).

Bitter substances are common in pulses. In the mild variant heat treatment leads to a reduction of bitterness. This means that this protein is an interesting ingredient for raw, extruded or only lightly cooked foods.

The protein is suitable in animal feed as a substitute for animal proteins.


organic, conventional




Food, food supplements, meat substitutes, bakery products, pasta, animal feed, pet food


vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, vegetarian, low carb

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