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(organic) chickpeas

Description (organic) chickpeas:

(Organic) chickpeas are pulses or legumes grown as crops in the subtropical climates of the world. India is the leading producer, followed by Australia and Pakistan in third place. Finds of cultivated chickpeas date back 8000 years, to the Neolithic period. They contain 20 % protein with a relatively high proportion of the essential amino acids lysine (10 %) and threonine (5 %). Chickpeas are also rich in dietary fibre (approx. 12 %), vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and folic acid. Raw chickpeas also contain the indigestible toxin phasin, which is decomposed by heat.

Chickpeas are mainly consumed as food and are considered an important staple in Mexico and India. They are prepared very differently in different countries around the world. Examples include the dried seeds as a stew, broth or puree, roasted seeds as a nut snack or hummus and falafel.



organic, conventional



Cicer arietinum



Turkey, Italy, India