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(organic) fava bean

Description (organic) fava bean:

The (organic) fava bean, also called field bean, is one of the earliest cultivated plants of man. The legume has an erect stem with 3-pair leaflets, white wing flowers and thick green bean pods with several kidney-shaped pods, which are arranged in rows. The (organic) product is characterised by its high protein and starch content. It contains about 30 % protein, 1 % fat, with 50 % a high carbohydrate content and dietary fibre.

The fava bean is used as feed for farm animals. It is also used as food, mainly the young beans are boiled or fried. The bean is also used as a medicinal plant. When eaten, it can have a calming and antispasmodic effect.



organic, conventional



Vicia faba



France, Poland, Ukraine



food, feed