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(organic) lupines

Description (organic) lupines:

(Organic) lupines have very large, erect flowers in different colours and hairy legumes with 5-7 seeds each. It belongs to the legume family and as a legume is a good nitrogen binder for soils. Compared to beans, soy or peas, lupine is the legume with the highest protein content (36-48%) and the lowest carbohydrate and fat content. It is also high in fibre and contains comparatively many minerals. The sweet lupine differs from the classic varieties in its sweet taste due to the absence of bitter substances.

Lupins are available as a vegetable plant, forage plant, ornamental plant and wild plant. Due to their high protein content, the seeds are used as animal feed and as a substitute for imported soya in Germany. In the food sector, the seeds can be enjoyed pickled as beer or roasted as a coffee substitute. The seeds are also processed into a tofu-like product or lupine milk. Lupine seeds can also be ground into flour and used in baking.



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Lupinus seeds



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