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(organic) milk thistle seed

Description (organic) milk thistle seed:

Milk thistle is mainly found in the Mediterranean region, both wild and cultivated, and extends eastwards to southern Russia and Iran. Milk thistle has rounded, toothed and hairy leaves in a dark green shiny colour with white spots. The thistle flowers in purple-red large globes. The (organic) milk thistle seed is oval-elongated, smooth and shiny dark brown and form a white shiny hairy ring. The active ingredient of milk thistle is flavonolignans. They are grouped together as silymarin and are found exclusively in the husks of the milk thistle fruit. Their action prevents the absorption of toxins and accelerates the regeneration of liver cells. In addition, the fruit peel contains fatty acids, vitamin E, sterols, protein, bitter substances and mucilage.

Today, milk thistle is again gaining importance as a medicinal plant. It is used pharmaceutically, most effectively through direct consumption of the ground seeds. The active ingredient complex silymarin has a liver-protecting, liver-strengthening and detoxifying effect. It also stimulates the flow of bile and circulation. This means that it can be used for digestive disorders, gallbladder complaints, chronic inflammatory diseases of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver.
As the milk thistle is one of the most beautiful and largest thistles, it is also planted as an ornamental plant in gardens.



organic, conventional



Silybum marianum



Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine



food, pharmaceuticals