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(organic) peas, yellow/green

Description (organic) peas, yellow or green:

The (organic) pea plant has an above-ground root system with large tendril leaves and small white flowers. It is a legume that is now cultivated worldwide in temperate climate regions. Canada produces one-third of the world’s total. The long, thick legumes each contain 4-10 seeds with colours ranging from green to yellow to brown. The mature (organic) pea seed contains between 20% and 25% protein with a crude protein content of about 26% in the dry matter. Another 60% make up the carbohydrates and the rest are fats. Peas also contain the secondary plant substances phytoestrogens, which regulate hormone balance and strengthen the immune system.

A large part of the pea is used as animal feed. The peas are mainly dried and ground or crushed into animal feed. Bran as a waste product of hulling mills is also suitable as a protein-rich feed. Fresh peas are suitable as green fodder or green manure. As food, dried peas are offered in the form of mush or soup and green peas are eaten as vegetables.



organic, conventional; yellow, green



Pisum sativum



Asia Minor, EU, Canada



food, feed