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(organic) poppy seeds

Description (organic) poppy seeds:

Poppies are divided into red poppies, which flower in the wild and whose seeds are unhealthy, and opium poppies, whose seeds can be used in agriculture. Poppy is a herbaceous poisonous plant with white to purple flowers and spherical capsule fruits. These contain hundreds of (organic) poppy seeds with a kidney-shaped, very small and dark blue appearance. They are oily and have a pleasant nutty fragrance. Poppy seeds are one of the foods richest in calcium and are rich in B vitamins. The morphine content varies in the different poppy varieties, but is usually very low in poppy seeds for food and harmless to health, as the content is greatly reduced in variety breeding and processing methods.

In the food industry, poppy seeds are used in desserts and pastries or sprinkled on them. With a fat content in the seeds of 40-50 %, poppy seed can also be used for oil production. Here it serves as cold-pressed edible oil or is processed in the cosmetics industry into skin creams and soaps. Poppy is also used in pharmaceuticals, where it is added to painkillers and sedatives. In smaller proportions, poppy is also used as animal feed.



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Papaver somniferum



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