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(organic) lentil flour

Description (organic) lentil flour:

Similar to the pea, the lentil has a long tradition and history. Already in the Bible and in the fairy tale Cinderella lentils become a topic. History and myths already suggest that lentils have their origins in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Middle East. The annual plant gets by with very few nutrients and produces its own fertilizer. Lentils are rich in vegetable protein, which is best absorbed by the body in combination with cereals. Lentils have high levels of zinc, which is important for skin and hair. The high fiber content and high protein content make lentils a very good food for diets. We have (organic) lentil flour of different varieties, please contact us for detail requests on individual varieties.

The flour can be used in pasta and other baked goods. It is also suitable for making meat substitutes. Lentil flour is also used as an ingredient in low carb diets and vegan and vegetarian foods.

We also offer a starch-enriched lentil flour. You can find more about it here.



organic, conventional



France, Germany, Eastern Europe






red, brown, yellow, green


Protein content:

approx. 20-30%


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