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(organic) field bean protein concentrate, mild

Description (organic) field bean protein concentrate, mild:

The (organic) field bean protein mild is a purely plant-based protein source of European origin. It is allergen-free, especially gluten-free. Another name for it is fava bean protein or broad bean protein. It is produced from the bean by purely mechanical concentration. The total protein content is about 65%. The antioxidants contained in the field bean slow down oxidative processes in the cells. Therefore they have an anticarcinogenic effect. The favabean protein has got a balanced amino acid spectrum. Thus it is ideal for vegan, vegetarian and sports nutrition. It is also recommended for older people who often suffer from muscle weakness. We can offer you the protein both mild (enzyme-inactive) and native (enzyme-active).

In the mild variant the bitter substances, common in pulses, have been eliminated by thermal treatment. Therefore this protein is suitable for raw, extruded and only weakly cooked/blanched food or instant products. The mild protein is an ingredient for extrudates and texturates, in convenience and instant products and generally in to enrich the protein content of foods.

Fava bean protein is also a substitute for animal protein in the field of animal nutrition.



organic, conventional






food, food supplements, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, meat substitutes, functional food, convenience products



vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free, low carb, vegetarian


Protein content:

ca. 65%


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