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(organic) pumpkin seed protein, native

Description (organic) pumpkin seed protein, native:

The pumpkin has its origin in Central and South America. Botanically, the pumpkin is a berry – the largest in the world. If a flour is produced from the pumpkin seed press cake resulting from the mechanical pressing, one speaks of (organic) pumpkin seed protein native due to the high protein content of over 60%. In the native variant, the pumpkin seeds are not heated before pressing, so they are processed raw. The pumpkin seed protein native contains a balanced amino acid spectrum and health-promoting secondary plant substances. In the residual oil content of about 10%, are many unsaturated fatty acids.

Virgin pumpkin seed protein is used as an ingredient for protein enrichment, flavoring and color enhancement. Namely, the protein flour has an intense green color. It can be used as an additive for savory dishes, such as baked or pasta, but also for sweet applications, such as cakes, cookies or pastries.



organic, conventional



EU, China






vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free


Protein content:

approx. 60%


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